About The Cosmic Jumper Website and Digital Designer. Medieval Enthusiast (bet you guessed that). Comic book geek. Oddball kid in the back of the class who always got in trouble for doodling on the desk and in textbooks.
The guy on the shield is my alter-ego, a valiant knight protecting his kingdom from "The Dragon of Bad Design". Thanks to that footage on YouTube, though, it's no longer a "secret" identity.
I believe in uncommon design. There's no such thing as "one size fits all" when it comes to your needs, and I will leave no pixel unturned in my quest to bring your unique vision to life.
I have a love-hate relationship with HTML and CSS. After a year or so of teasing, we finally decided to get serious and settle down. Then Joomla and WordPress came into my life and things really started to get complicated. It's all good. We're working it out for the sake of the children. History of Cosmic Jumpers
One of the earliest recorded instances of "Equites Mundi" (Knights of the Cosmos) occurred in the 14th century, although modern scholars debate they could have existed as early as 333 A.D. in the Byzantium era. Cosmic Jumpers have been with the earliest recorded instance
What I Doeth I design websites, logos, restaurant menus, magazine ads, banners, brochures and other creative stuff. As part of my modus operandi, I use Fireworks -- not the kind that light up the sky, the one that's part of Adobe Creative Suite (CS5). I also rely on old-school pencil-2-paper, a digital camera, Play-Doh and Silly String. Last but by no means least, I'm seriously OCD about my work. I promise you this: If I can't slay The Dragon of Bad Design for you, I will definitely verbally abuse him on your behalf. Got a hot project you'd like to get started on? Got a question? Just wanna chat? Click on the cloud knight below to send me a message, we'd love to hear from you. Thanks for visiting!